Airhawk Cruiser Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Where are the Airhawk motorcycle seat cushions made?

AIRHAWK’s motorcycle seat cushions are proudly made in the USA and built with patented AIR CELL TECHNOLOGY, the result of years of scientific research to find the perfect distribution of weight and pressure over the entire seat cushion, reducing the "hot spots" that cause pain.

What kind of seat pad does Airhawk use?

AIRHAWK Dual Sport design specifically to meet the needs of the Dual Sport Rider and their bikes. Has a narrow front to match the seat profile of most Dual Sport Bikes. The front of the DS pad is also tapered down to minimize unwanted pressure on front leg pass. Made in Polyurethane.

What kind of cover does Airhawk cruiser use?

AirHawk Cruiser R Small, Cover in Breathable Spacer Mesh cloth material w/red vinyl accent, non-skid bottom material. AIRHAWK Dual Sport design specifically to meet the needs of the Dual Sport Rider and their bikes.

What do you mean by Airhawk office chair cushion?

The AIRHAWK® Office Chair Cushion is an office chair overlay that utilizes ROHO’s Dry Flotation Design Technology®, which consists of small, adjustable]


This Cruiser Pillion Cushion is Airhawk’s attempt at increasing passenger comfort, extending their ‘double-your-sit-time’ guarantee to all riders. It measures 11 x 9 inches and fits most passenger seats of sport, sport touring, dual sport, standard and non-touring bikes. As with the other models from Airhawk, it’s inflated by blowing into the internal air pad, and then releasing air until the ideal firmness is achieved.

This one is just as effective at increasing comfort for the passenger as Airhawk’s other models are for the main rider. It receives praise for being easy to attach, cheaper than a new seat, and more comfortable than gel pads. Some users report that they slide around when braking or accelerating, although are fine when cruising.


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