Abba Patio Feet Heavy Duty Carport

How big is ABBA patio extra large heavy duty carport?

The Abba Patio 12′ x 20′ Heavy Duty Extra Wide Carport with Removable Sidewalls with 8 Legs, Beige has a 2 feet wider entrance than most carports. This gives you extra room to open the car door or gives you more storage space.

How tall is the average prefab carport in feet?

Here’s what you need to know: Width. Most carports are between 12 and 30 feet wide. The widest we can go on our steel structures is 80 feet. Length. We are proud to say that Carport Kingdom does not fear challenges. When we say that there are no limits when it comes to length, there really are no limits. Height.

What are the most honest free standing metal carport value in America?

MANY USES! Absolute Steel’s Single Slope 2 Car Carport represents the most honest free standing metal carport value in America. This engineered steel carport is sturdy – it brags of a 30 lb. snow load capability and can withstand 90MPH winds.

Can you use a carport to cover a boat dock?

This means that whether you need a custom shelter to cover a boat dock or a standard steel carport to cover cars in a commercial parking lot; we’ve got you covered!Also dont forget about our special utility carport, combining the covereage of a steel carport along with the storage of a shed all in one.


This product from Abba Patio is a mid range option with a mid range price. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re missing out any features from a more premium priced model however. 

For a start this is a product that is both easily assembled and also fully collapsible. That’s handy if you’re looking for a more temporary structure – say a product to protect your car during winter or the height of summer, and to be packed away for Spring & Fall.


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