3M Headliner and Fabric Adhesive for Plastic

What kind of adhesive does 3M headliner use?

This is a modal window. 3M Headliner Adhesive securely bonds heavyweight automotive fabrics to metal surfaces. Our adhesive creates a secure hold for bonding headlines, carpet, foam and other materials. Aerosol spray makes application quick and easy.

What’s the best way to glue a headliner?

It creates a tight seal and will help prevent bubbles, wrinkles, or folds in the material. Brush the contact cement on the underside of the headliner fabric and on the exposed headliner board. If you don’t have contact cement, use 3M spray to glue your headliner fabric to the board.

What can 3M Super 77 be used for?

3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive is an extremely versatile, fast drying spray adhesive that bonds a wide range of lightweight materials. Its fast, aggressive tack and low soak in make it ideal for a broad range of projects. Use it for bonding paper, cardboard, fabric, cushion foam, plastic, metal, wood and much more.

What can I use to fix a falling headliner?

Your falling headliner can be fixed with a quality headliner adhesive, it can also be used for bonding plastic, fabric, rubber, foam, and other automotive material. Ensure you use the proper adhesive that is designed for interior automotive parts, and not just any type of glue.


This adhesive will effectively bond heavyweight automotive fabrics with a smooth non-porous surface such as metal or plastic. Because it is so strong, it can be used on trucks as well as cars. It is versatile enough to bond plastic to metal as well.

It is applied as an aerosol spray, which is very quick and easy but delivers a controlled and even layer to all surfaces. This adhesive dries in under an hour.


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